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Old 18th October 2011, 17:19
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have some problems on pages that have white background and white text

and i was in your demo site when i saw this error

p.s is that the only theme for it or will you guys make more once everything works fine
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Old 18th October 2011, 19:09
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And you were looking at U-232 V3 which is not released yet and work was being carried out on the css at the time, its no a demo site its the development site where i build the code daily so there always something going on. I can assure you current SVN v2 does not or the people using it would have something to say. Im no a designer i work purely on php/mysqli/memcache so i rely on RogueSurfer and he's working on the default V3 theme, the rest of the themes will be made available by me from V2 and theres a good few on my forum where all the related code to the projects posted.

Designers aint interested in joining us and promoting there work so until that changes nothing much will, core designs i use are all mainly Kidvisions work. I've approached numerous people about design and every time its the same old shite, like i said Roguesurfers the U-232 V3 designer and can only do so much purely because its a huge task, if people want more designs then some folk need to pull there fingers out there arse and do something for free like we do and have done for the last 4-5 years, the talents out there but the prolly want paid eh lol.

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Old 18th October 2011, 23:59
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I first can say I have done a few designs for V2 and will do more for V3 once it comes out.Second the site you see V3 on its a test site so please until its release dont complain :D

Any designs needs feel free to pm me ;)
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