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Old 18th June 2020, 21:36
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Default New Source
I have my own tracker source code(Pu-239) that I no longer develop.

I am curious to know how much interest there is, in this community, for an entirely new tracker source code. I code designed by the group.

This code could be anything, everything or nothing or nothing at all, depending on the groups choices.

I have been working with XBT and Radiance for the past several months and would like to incorporate that into a new source. Also, a php tracker that is almost entirely in memory, meaning most queries would be to redis/memcached/apcu with mysql as the long term storage. Changing to any of these trackers should be as simple as changing a config setting and it just works. So the sql tables should be consistent for all trackers without duplication of code. This last bit was the last thing I was working on in Pu-239 before I stopped developing it.

I envision a small group of developers and testers as the core decision makers. We would need developers with some knowledge of php, javascript, mysql, redis, c++, go or git. You do not need to be an expert in anything, just a willingness to learn.

The group would vote in the lead developer and that member would assign each member a task and a deadline. It would be each members responsibility to prepare that task, even if some reading and learning is required. In this way, every member would be actively participating and their abilities may increase.

The tasks would come from the ideas voted on from the group. The final product should be what the group has considered worthy of including.

You should come with an open mind and the willingness to do what is needed.

Please reply here or PM if you are interested.

Bump: To expand on this further.

I think the base code would have only the basic necessities and everything else would be added through a plugin system. Some of the plugins would be provided by the core development team and some by other developers.

I can see a marketplace for all sorts of plugins: themes, templates, translations, mods, etc.

If you are tired of the same old source code with the same old support system, then consider joining what could be a exciting ride.

Or, maybe I am just being overly optimistic that anyone really cares?

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Old 22nd June 2020, 10:56
Tedmorris Tedmorris is offline
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I liked your source but it was pretty full on lol. Customization and plugins is a must. I would be interested in helping out, im no expert, im still learning but now and again i have a break through. I enjoy reading, researching, i find it a challenge and it gets me motivated. What im particularly passionate about is anti cheat methods, theories and the bittorrent protocol. Im still working on the handshake method that only IPT appear to have implemented and worked out. Cheating clients that spoof their client ID and stats are killing torrenting and defeat the purpose of file sharing, if it becomes rampant then its only going to go from bad to worse. Many sites that stop these cheating apps in their tracks keep their detection methods a close secret from fear of the app developers coding up a work around which i totally understand.

Im a fan of your work and im prepared to learn, take on tasks etc so count me in.
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darkalchemy (22nd June 2020)
Old 22nd June 2020, 13:08
darkalchemy darkalchemy is offline
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Ok. That makes 4. I would like to see 10 before this thing really kicks off.

For now, we will be working with the Slim PHP v4 Microframework. There are already projects using the Swift and Laravel Frameworks, that leaves Slim and Phalcon. I think Phalcon would be too steep a learning curve for most of us.

I would like each of us that have considered joining this project to create a small project starting with only the Slim v4 package and add user sessions, access control and a minimum of 2 routes that are not login, logout and home.

Once you have that completed, upload it github(yes, we will be working in git, probably github) and PM me the repository url. I am not an expert, but everything we do will be reviewed by others and all known issues will be corrected before merging into the mainstream of the code.

All of this, is subject to change, once we have 10 and we begin making the decisions on how to progress the project. But, for now, we have to start somewhere.


Bump: I am willing to help anyone that wants to join in but doesn't have the knowledge to get started, just PM me.
Old 12th September 2020, 22:05
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Just PM'ed u :)
Old 14th September 2020, 04:16
darkalchemy darkalchemy is offline
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Thanks. But, no one was interested in doing anything with this, so it's dead.
Old 7th January 2021, 20:20
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this source is open (for free? )
Old 7th January 2021, 20:58
darkalchemy darkalchemy is offline
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Originally Posted by Ecko View Post
this source is open (for free? )
This source was never created.
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