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Old 27th March 2014, 14:51
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Default 2 Things I would like to say
1: There is a great support forum for this source code and alot of you would get help much quicker by posting on there.
Do a quick search for your problem (might have to try to re-word it a few times) and its likely most issues have popped up for someone else before and been solved.

2: We see alot of people offering their services to help you with your site, whether that be code based or design for money.
We suggest looking over our support forum first before you hand over any cash. There is alot of scam artists around so DO NOT let yourself be their next victim.

There is alot of well know people on our forums, will 100's of helpful posts. If the person offering to help you is not one of them, there is a good chance they might be trying to scam you, or even worse are not upto the task and will leave your site worse off than before they started.

Alot of new code gets posted on the support forum FOR FREE, Mindless puts new code into every release FOR FREE. Maybe rather than paying other people for work, you would consider a donation to the U-232 source code pot, which would help the people who actually bring the code to you FOR FREE.
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Old 27th March 2014, 17:25
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I totally agree
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Old 15th November 2014, 05:28
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Good post Stoner.It is a shame when you here of a newb to the source getting ripped off by a coder.It gives all of a bad rep.
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Old 15th November 2014, 10:27
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Maybe its true that there might be some flaming because sometimes frustration can get the better of us. I could only really speak for my self but I like to think that I help a lot and so do others.

I think that if the question is well formulated it will make answering your (their) query's a lot faster and maybe you (they) need to look at the context of the thread it could be a possibility that some users are trouble makers so there for they will be treated accordingly.

But if you think that you where treated unfairly PM me an I will read the thread and if it is unjust I will support you, also there are staff and you shouldn't be scared to Pm them.

Good luck!!

Due to free time I'm able to help interested member's with their tracker.

Please Note!
Depending on your requests I will charge you for my assistance for Tracker installs and mods.
All my mods are custom and prices will very depending on the request.

I'm able to install any tracker and mods including themes.

Please PM me

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Old 15th March 2019, 00:47
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Default 2 Things I would like to say

Just an open question - what sort of information would you like to see on a mod website. And, more specifically, our website.


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