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Old 24th August 2014, 15:54
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Talking when are we going too see some mods on here for ac3fsp
when are we going too see some mods on here for ac3fsp as there is none i see everyone as theres in there threads but this or is it the fsp not any good and thats why noone wants it
Old 26th August 2014, 12:55
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When the queen rolls over nah I should look into this code and i might attempt a few mods myself.
Old 26th August 2014, 14:40
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1: It is not ac3fsp
It is FreeTSP RC3

2: FreeTSP RC3 is not the latest source.
And has not been for quite some time.

If anyone wants a mod for the code.
All they have to do is go to the main forum
And see if it is there, if not put in a request for it.

Or if they wish, they could put a request of the mod in this Forum

We are not mind readers, and cannot see what people want.

Quite simple really.
Old 26th August 2014, 16:20
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Yes BamBam0077 what we are looking for is tools as you can see theres not many on this so called FreeTSP RC3 whats is tbdev-08 and alot of the work in it as been took from bigjoos base any one can see this who are cod3rs lol and over at FreeTSP put there name too mods that are not theres what a joke and go on about giving credit where do is lol i think its about time they practised what they preached, Wow js you put on it what any idiot can add them selfs, And the same with FreeTSP v1 lol ,

fireknight so called FreeTSP RC3 i do not want to go to the forums FreeTSP as theres nothing that anyone wants, nothing over there as for put a request in in for a mod its from your self make your own and post it here sorry mate we do not do that there is alot of reasons why because you lot take the piss with all the mods do on take them and fuck them up this is a nice big forum here and alot of users come here for mods like every thread on here mods mods mods to go at lol, Now we have seen your work you get bigjoos work put your name to it and we seen you try and join them together then colour it in dots ,Not to mention the themes you try and make ive seen a child do better
Old 26th August 2014, 17:07
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@WhyMe you were born a clown, why are you picking on FreeTSP staff/dev saying that all the mods are made/ripped from bigjoos source? are you so sure?

Why did you post here if you are flaming people you clown ... get a life or kill yourself.
Old 26th August 2014, 23:10
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@ Yupy

He is not a clown.
He is just a pain with a mega ego issue, mixed with a high inferiority complex.
He also shows symtoms of Schizophrenia, or Multiple Personality Disorder.

He has been known by many names here, and banned many times.
Including been banned from FreeTSP, hense his attack.

I have known bigjoos ( Mindless ) for a long time.
And have the highest respect for him, not just as a coder but for the person he is as well.
If I was stealing his work and putting my name to it, as WhyMe accuses me of doing.
Why am I Pro Coder class over on the U-232 forums.
And not given the custom title of Code Thief.
Which is what I would expect Mindless to do.
Old 27th August 2014, 00:28
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The attacks on FTSP are because I banned you multiple times and were also un-banned numerous times as you'd say you'd changed and would not cause issues on the site and all went well for a while until you slipped back into your old ways and you we permanently banned.

You even sent me an email asking to be un-banned which I still have.

You've been banned multiple times here, only for Fynnon to un-ban you are or you'd managed to create a new account. Only to take the piss out of others work.

You've nothing good to say about any source, but yet brag about your superior codes that you've supposedly made but never release or show.

As for a lot of the code being taken from BigJoo's code that is in-fact not true. Yes Mods were taken from TBDev when it was around and re-worked. Plus any Mods that were used Credits were given to the original creators where known and are also contained within the Credits file.



Thread Closed

As an Admin I cannot Demote myself so, regardless of what my Userclass says, as of now I'm no longer a Member of BVList.

This Site's Reputation has been Destroyed beyond repair by certain individuals and, like recent members before me
I no longer wish to be associated with these childish tit-for-tat Posts
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Joe (1st September 2014)
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