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Default MailBox SQL injection updates
PHP Code:
if (isset($_GET['inbox']))
$pagename T_("INBOX");
$tablefmt " ,Sender,Subject,Date";
$where "`receiver` = $CURUSER[id] AND `location` IN ('in','both')";
$type "Mail";
elseif (isset(
$pagename "Outbox";
$tablefmt " ,Sent_to,Subject,Date";
$where "`sender` = $CURUSER[id] AND `location` IN ('out','both')";
$type "Mail";
elseif (isset(
$pagename "Draft";
$tablefmt " ,Sent_to,Subject,Date";
$where "`sender` = $CURUSER[id] AND `location` = 'draft'";
$type "Mail";
elseif (isset(
$pagename "Templates";
$tablefmt " ,Subject,Date";
$where "`sender` = $CURUSER[id] AND `location` = 'template'";
$type "Mail";
$pagename "Mail Overview";
$type "Overview";

Need to sqlesc($CURUSER[$id]) to secure I am just venting
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