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Old 5th November 2019, 16:54
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@napon why not use your status bar PSD for where news,radio,shoutbox etc to tidy up? Personally I am just simply a CSS guy though nice theme mate!
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Old 5th November 2019, 18:31
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Originally Posted by Napon View Post
aeon-design yes i do us Photoshop also i debug all my themes too this theme took me 3 days to do was not doing them like your self oh yes i can do them like your self...but your loading too many images i like to keep my load down unlike you..
Side note aeon-design
Also you do not have to edit full base core to add a theme look at your css file add all there not the full base core your doing like you did the last core you put out and full of back doors just for a theme
if your going to sell the themes include the full theme [NOT A PSD] You know the footer,header,theme.css...Not you have to edit the core too to take your themes....So i would start over and do the theme its self [NOT COREBASE]
below is a clean up done

now cleaned up Also i can do more with this but i do not want too
Whatever dispute you and aeon-design have between yourself's your issues, and i do not know any thing about css or crap like you guys talk about, BUT i have seen this theme working live and i did admire it, nice job Napon....
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Old 7th November 2019, 12:21
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Like a @fireknight write in his post here, everything is in css. If you want to make themplate so good start is it fix (moderate) css file.

The more images your template downloading with using the css command, the slower the page becomes, and you do not "infringe any copyrights" on images.

It is up to the taste of each one, what you do like or not like.

Change some lines yourself in the css file and background, and you will get a nice look on your page.

Here's a small example of such a template without css downloading images from anywhere

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