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Default xbtitFM finished?
Pleased to see this site taking over the reigns for xbit Blu Edition, I can't see the FM source code lasting much longer as King Cobra is murdering the customer base and is about as helpful as a brick in the face.

Once your 12 month membership has expired, you now get 2 options which are pay up or be parked, being parked used to mean you still had access to the site, but simply couldn't post, now Adolf KC Hitler has changed that so you now can't access the site at all.

The majority of users are now in parked state, and Lupin couldn't care less what happens to the site.

Well KC can go and fuck for his 40 pieces of silver, I'll get my releases from here from now on!
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HDVinnie (11-08-18)
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sounds like a money hungry dev to me...
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hoysey (11-08-18)
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Yes it was ok till the 2 dev come to take over xbit yep its a place not to go to nomore lupin is one fuxkwit now so best to come here for mods where no chage at the end of the day thay will miss out not you chap
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hoysey (11-08-18)

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