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Default How to survive on any tracker without a seedbox
Here is a guide on how anyone can keep a good ratio on any tracker. If you follow these rules you will not only be golden but you will consistently not have to worry about downloading things because you should be able to build a good buffer.

1. IRC Bonus's (aka get upload for doing nothing)
This is something I feel like many people are unaware of. Many trackers have set bonus where if you idle in their IRC channel you will be rewarded with upload. With most trackers that offer this you should be able to get 500MB-1.5GB PER DAY for really doing nothing. You can also set mIRC to sit in your taskbar and never even have to look at it. If you look in the FAQ/Forum of your trackers you can easily see if they offer this, and if they do get on it. you could be adding about 5-7GB per week to your upload just from this alone.

2. Freeleech
This is something that is found on not all but most trackers. They beauty of FL is that nothing counts towards your download, anything and everything you seed from a FL torrent will add to your buffer. Some trackers have sections for all their FL torrents and some do not. For those that do not, once again refer to the FAQ because within it you should find search terms to find all of the FL content on a tracker (ex. on waffles if you search is:free it will display every torrent that is FL). Now that you know how to find them, start downloading. What I like to do with FL torrents is to keep them open for a minimum of 3 weeks, by doing this you will have surpassed the requirements on most trackers (meaning seed to a 1:1 or 48-72 hours) and also give yourself a good amount of time to seed. After you seed a decent amount or a 1:1 if possible close it and go for another one. Keep doing this and you will build a good ratio. This should be the first thing you look for when joining a new tracker.

3. Uploading
Before I start this I will say this isn't an option at every tracker but if you keep reading you will find others ways of effectively doing the same thing. If your a member of a music/movie tracker there is a good chance you can upload no matter what your speed is. Looking at music trackers first, you may say well I don't have anything to upload. Here's a hint (goto it shows all the new releases that are coming out into the mp3 scene take any of those releases and google them, 9 out of 10 times you will find it on rapidshare/megaupload/mediafire). I'm sure somewhere in your house you have CD's laying around and most music trackers allow several different encodings, meaning you can rip the same CD 4-5 times in different formats and upload them all. As far as movie trackers go, blockbuster, netflix, redbox are all good choices to get good movies and make copies. Uploading is not only key to keeping a good ratio but its a good way to help out the trackers that you leech your heart out at.

4. Spreading the love
This is probably the most overlooked thing by torrenter's. Here's what I mean by this, most 0day trackers do not give every user the right to upload but you can still help seed. For example let's say you have 4-5 0day trackers that you use, most of them have very similar content seeing as how most of it is scene. So what should you do? Let's say on TL a new torrent goes up and the same torrent is also on SCC and SCT. Download the the torrent from TL and once its done, download the torrent file from SCC and SCT but make sure you right click it and stop it before it starts to download!!! Then in uTorrent right click the stopped torrent go down to advanced then to set download location. Then browse your HD and find the folder where the release you downloaded from TL is and select it, then start the torrent. After doing this uTorrent will check the files in the torrent against what you have in the folder you selected, and you will automatically be seeding it. Now the beauty of this is that your ratio for that torrent will be inf. you can stop it whenever you like because you technically didn't download the torrent from that site. So any upload you get from doing this is 100% buffer and you don't even have to worry about it going to a 1:1 ratio. By doing this you can potentially download something from 1 tracker but be seeding at 4-5 others. Hows that for saving your ratio.

5. Filling requests
This is another thing overlooked by many people, many trackers that have a request system usually also have a bounty system. What this means is that if you upload a torrent and fill a request, you get to collect the bounty on that request. I've personally collected up to 200GB of upload just from filling 1 request. Now the bounties aren't always that high but its a good thing to look into. Also if you EVER upload anything always be sure to check the requests to make sure what you uploaded isn't there. I can't even explain how many times i see old requests for things that go up on a site then the bounty gets stolen. This is a sure fire way to boost your ratio because you not only get the bounty, but obviously if someone requested it at least one person is gonna download what your uploading giving you even more upload.

6. Karma/Bonus points
Another thing offered at many torrent sites, karma/bonus points are a good way to get upload. They are usually accrued by seeding stuff, the obvious way to get the points is to seed. But lets look at it on a bigger scale, some trackers limit the amount of points you can accrue. For instance some trackers will only let you accrue points from a set number of torrents (maybe 5/10) and no matter how big the file your gonna get the same points. For this case here's what you do. Go to the browse page and click on size at the top before it list's the torrents, download 5 to 10 depending on how its setup of the smallest torrents on the site and leave them seeding. You can literally do this with under 5MB of hard drive space. For other trackers with no limit on the number of torrents or where the size of the torrent is a factor just make sure you leave everything open. There's some trackers where I have close to 100 torrents open just because I'm trying to collect points. Its good way not only to get upload, but to also get other cool goodies!

Now seriously there is no excuse for a bad ratio at any tracker, following these steps should insure that. So read all of this and DO IT, DON'T BE THAT GUY!
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