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Originally Posted by Zamachi View Post
Hello :)

I have installed U232, but I dont have access to the admin panel.
i have modified the staff_settings php but is not work

my config on staff_setting:
$INSTALLER09['staff']['allowed'] = array('paul' => 2,'System' => 2);

my config on staff_settings2 :
$INSTALLER09['staff']['allowed'] = array('paul' => 2,'System' => 2);
staff_settings.php...the line should read...
$INSTALLER09['allowed_staff']['id'] = array(1,2);

HINT...they should be the ID number of each user allowed.

staff_settings2.php...the line should read...
$INSTALLER09['staff']['allowed'] = array('paul' => 1,'System' => 1);

HINT...there should be an entry for each username allowed...and they should all be => 1
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