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Ok. That makes 4. I would like to see 10 before this thing really kicks off.

For now, we will be working with the Slim PHP v4 Microframework. There are already projects using the Swift and Laravel Frameworks, that leaves Slim and Phalcon. I think Phalcon would be too steep a learning curve for most of us.

I would like each of us that have considered joining this project to create a small project starting with only the Slim v4 package and add user sessions, access control and a minimum of 2 routes that are not login, logout and home.

Once you have that completed, upload it github(yes, we will be working in git, probably github) and PM me the repository url. I am not an expert, but everything we do will be reviewed by others and all known issues will be corrected before merging into the mainstream of the code.

All of this, is subject to change, once we have 10 and we begin making the decisions on how to progress the project. But, for now, we have to start somewhere.


Bump: I am willing to help anyone that wants to join in but doesn't have the knowledge to get started, just PM me.
I do custom coding, source installs, mods, server setup and/or config, etc. Feel free to pitch me your needs and your offer.
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