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I liked your source but it was pretty full on lol. Customization and plugins is a must. I would be interested in helping out, im no expert, im still learning but now and again i have a break through. I enjoy reading, researching, i find it a challenge and it gets me motivated. What im particularly passionate about is anti cheat methods, theories and the bittorrent protocol. Im still working on the handshake method that only IPT appear to have implemented and worked out. Cheating clients that spoof their client ID and stats are killing torrenting and defeat the purpose of file sharing, if it becomes rampant then its only going to go from bad to worse. Many sites that stop these cheating apps in their tracks keep their detection methods a close secret from fear of the app developers coding up a work around which i totally understand.

Im a fan of your work and im prepared to learn, take on tasks etc so count me in.
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