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Default H&R on incompleted set
Does anyone have their H&R modded to include incomplete torrent package sets? For example a user downloads only half a 50gb torrent set but isnt flagged as H&R due to the torrent not being finished. So $a['finished'] == 'yes' is removed from the below line of code.

PHP Code:
 //=== only run the function if the ratio is below 1
if( ($a['uploaded'] + $upthis) < ($a['downloaded'] + $downthis) && $a['finished'] == 'yes'
However now the user cant meet the seed time due to no seed time being recorded in the snatched table as only leech time will be recorded until the torrent is finished.

PHP Code:
 $HnR_time_seeded = ($a['seedtime'] + $self['announcetime']); 
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