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Originally Posted by Napon View Post
7.2 decode still in progress mate as you know just not hed time to fin it off of yet been too bizy doing else things.. but will find time in this next few months to get it done part of it is working 100% done

@fireman the TSSE 5.6 is the one i got off axam payed for it also i decoder and nulled it also the radio i decoder and niil it too there is alot of work done to it too by me only my coding and decoder and nill also as you know its not cheap to decod and nill code i do it for fun....also there is alot of code in that this form as not got so this is a god send to those who want it im not asking alot on bucks for it if i do it be on the mysqli and yes this be easy for me to do as well just not hed the time this few month doing coding for a few mates that takes my time up only payed work... there is scren shots on here with the pre themes to somwhere i put on

thats not the radio on this what all do is upload it to my server do sceens and post up by week end
Thanks for the info. Biding my time, waiting. lol

Your version of 5.6 is tempting, but think will hold onto my cash for now, especially since I might...probably will...get the 7.2 when done. I like the 7.2 lots better...the panel is much better.

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