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If you have a little knowledge with Photoshop / fireworks ~ hell just the basic paint program that comes with windows.
Then you could easily or with a bit of trial and error.
Paste your site logo over the top of " your site ".
It is really not that hard.

It was not all that long ago when a site owner did it all.
Or learned how to do it.
Before the time of the a fully coded out of the box source code.
You would use a basic source like tbdev 06 - and build it up.

You learnt on the job, and got better as you went along.

But now we have fully coded and modded sites.
That require no Knowledge of coding.

Well done Aeon on the updated version.
You have really made this theme a free theme ( with the updated header ).

Now to the knockers out there.
Aeon has delivered a full free theme.

If anyone takes this theme and cannot add their own site logo into the header.
And asks for Aeons to do this for them.
Or asked Aeon to make any other changes to this free theme.
Because they cannot do it.

Then please expect Aeon - to charge you for this.

The theme is for free - any extra custom work will cost you.

Just like when you buy a new car.
The basic model cost you $XXX amount.
You add extras - then that adds to the cost.

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