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Originally Posted by BamBam0077 View Post
Head over to their support forum if you really want it it's seriously not that hard to signup on their support forum.
He can't access the forum as he's Permanently Banned, hence another reason why the theme is not posted on here.

He's been banned on here more times than I care to remember and had numerous usernames, but someone keeps letting him back in

Originally Posted by WhyMe View Post
So why post the bullshit up here them if not for download get a life nobhead
Same old usual childish comments is yet another reason why your banned. If you cannot have your way you always go on the defensive and attack any code and state your so called code is better, but yet you'll never post it, I wonder why that is?
As an Admin I cannot Demote myself so, regardless of what my Userclass says, as of now I'm no longer a Member of BVList.

This Site's Reputation has been Destroyed beyond repair by certain individuals and, like recent members before me
I no longer wish to be associated with these childish tit-for-tat Posts
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