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First mistake you dont specify which version you used....anyway for the crazyhour go to the cache folder - crazyhour.txt, download and install firefox timestamp convertor and set a timestamp 2 hours ahead then add that timestamp to the cache file.

Your problem is with character set, i've answered it many times on my own forum so if you wish to work that out visit there. bbcode_functions.php its specified as UTF8 on htmlentities so if you use different then alter that, you may also need to alter code side where htmlentities are used, its no a hard thing to do relatively simple. Make sure when you connect to your database to use the correct collation also make sure your tables use the correct collation last but not least use the correct charset for your characters for the htmlentities function there is a list here for the html header use google.

Correct collation for tables and fields should be utf8_general_ci
NOTE its not enough to change the collation for the table you need to change the collation for every field that its used to store text.
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