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Default Saying My Dues
Hello U-232,

I am not here to blast about errors made in the past this is a real open doors apology you can either let it hit me or you can decide to let it stay open,

I have enjoyed your software over these past few years, never the less people hit road blocks and make big mistakes I guess I did going at this like it was World War III no safety required kinda solution, I don't expect anyone to tell me they forgive me or if this was worth trying. I am seeing a bigger picture now I just ask with permission if I can borrow some of your work without a catch 313 and let things expand within what I am trying to approach of course I know it is open source etc drama bullshit but I am trying to mend what I started as I sunk my battleship to get where I am going and I need more then Pluto to get back to the surface.

I never planned for me to ever consider apologizing as everyone has an ego which they never let go of but in this case since my battleship is sunk and well I got nothing to lose for this approach I just want us let bygones be bygones and start fresh when v6 comes to light?

I have stepped away from this engine as many of you would have noticed, I did it on my own terms took me awhile but that is because I was obsessed with this engine and well I hope when the time is due that we can salute our hats off at each other someday in the near future.

never the less U232 your the apple to the core,

this has been alot of fun tbh I did feel the need to do what I had to do to get where I wanted to go I know not the nicest path or smooth path but never the less Mindless thanks bro highly appreciated.

P.S I think you can freestyle better then LimpBizkit
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