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I am running FreeTSP V1 bug fix on my laptop.
I am using ApacheFriends XAMPP Version 5.6.30.
I have turned the error notices off.

Using utorrent I have uploaded a test torrent and everything is fine.
It is showing me as seeding.
It is showing me as connectable.

So I uploaded the torrent on my localhost test site, using utorrent.
I then logged out - then logged back in using a test account.

I downloaded the torrent using a different client ( quite an old one )
Bit Tornado

I directed the path of the torrent to a different empty folder.

It downloaded fine.
And now both accounts are showing as seeders.

Fireknight is showing as conectable.
Test account is showing as none conectable.
Chances are I have not opened the port for bit tornado.
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