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Originally Posted by Tony View Post
Myself and nicky has been working on the v0.5 of torrentstrike and progress is going quite well to say theres only myself and nicky working on it but so far so good when it comes down to what we have done to add new things to torrentstrike.

Torrentstrike v0.5 as it is now includes the following new features and also noted will be other new features which we are currently thinking of doing aswell once the more important things are done on the v0.5 :)

v0.5 will have a new block system so users can now place any blocks that they wish on the left , right or even center of the site and not have to edit the theme files each time they wish to have something moved from the left to the right for example :)

Along with the new block system we have added the option to use external torrents now (multitrackered) which also works with the passkey system that was already included in the v0.4 .

This means members will still get ratio on external torrents.

Along side them 2 new features will be a new usergroup system meaning no more file edits to make new usergroups :)

Phpbb2 has been fully removed from the v0.5 and we are hopefully wanting to make is optional for the owner to choose which forum source they are wanting to use if they dont want to use the basic default forum which is currently the tbdev basic forum source .

Other things such as a new admin panel and a new user details page layout is on the idea list along with a brand new usercp to replace the old my.php .

We have wanted to try and keep the v0.5 as basic as possible to let the user be able to add there own things to it which they are wanting that are already out there and only the main needed things will be included in the v0.5 to keep it basic and easy to support without it being a overbloatded source with useless mods that not everybody is wanting when they install v0.5
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