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Originally Posted by Tony View Post
Original ? please do explain what you mean by that since is there any source out there which doesnt include a mod from tbdev or torrenttrader or btit ?

The v0.5 basic source itself will include things which hasnt been posted on any of the 3 places i mentioned above so yeah we are being original if thats what you wanna call it :)

Also we dont just take from tbdev since there is things posted on tbdev which was actually posted on our forum and then copyed over to tbdev so really tbdev isnt always the original place where the mods came from :)

No why should somebody start from scratch when the v4 itself is good enough to carry on with and improve ?

Also torrentstrike is XTBdev based not tbdev based :)

People that use torrentstrike are using it simply because its a great source to start from and comes with a better template system than what you get in a basic tbdev source (css stylesheets)

Before users had to manually edit the files if they wanted to move anything about but now in v0.5 its all done from the admin panel making it much easier for somebody with less experience :)
Is this fully modded version going to have all the mods from tbdev in there again or you going to be original and create some of your own?

Also you going to come up with a new sourcecode from scratch between you's or again you going to be taking the tbdev sourcecode?

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