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Default My Confirmation mails won't get on Yahoo ?
hello guys

i ve got a mail issue : i am using a lil script on my tracker (musictorrents source)... and it sends mails by ip (the exact words of my coder*)... and yahoo won t accept/get that mail.. but on gmail it will come in SPAM

how do i use smtp to send emails using my domain mail server's dns : so that the users may confirm the sign up process (on Yahoo)

(i would like to use smtp because i ve heard... installing and configuring a mail server would be a lil bit hard... on linux : fedora 10 : my case )

any suggestions are welcome
Thank you for your time

* coder... ... who is away for a couple of days... and this is urgent matter... since my uncon.php (uncofirmed users) is filling up... and i have to confirm every user on yahoo manually

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