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Bootstrap and font awesome is required by default, and v5 is done in such a way that there is no requirement to alter them. If require an custom css or js file that would need to be part off the custom theme.

Like i said in my first post tbdev is css, all he would need to do is call that file, lets say that he calls his new template number 2, then all he needs to do is make his tbdev css part of the 2.css file or make an custom css file in the number 2 template directory, all this has to be started from the default template folder then rename to number 2 or whatever number his new theme is.

But as for the bootstrap and font awesome css that is in a css folder already in main directory and if he alters those files then he would need alter everything because the whole layout would be out of whack for every template that he has.

Since he is asking how to make a theme for u-232 v5 from a tbdev theme, respectfully I'm going to hazard to say that he isn't experienced enough to alter files outside his new theme, but if he is looking for a custom theme he should asked around to get someone to do it for him, but be warned there are some that would take advantage off this.

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