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M-jay 30-04-19 20:19

TorrentTrader modded php7 sqli
Here is my current version thats modded working with mysqli and php7.2. I have a music tracker so IMDB mod is not included.

This is based on micromonkeys update and all code can be compared here

I'm not a pro coder, its a hobby and I am looking at ways to modernise the code if anyone's got any tips. I've added a few @media css to put blocks at bottom on smaller screens looking to add a media.css file.

A bit of code from all over TTorg, TTfr & TTmods so credit to original authors

Please use the raversv3 branch the master will not always be stable, ill keep adding to the master version as i improve my site

Any issues or ideas are welcome and support is offered at

heres some of the mods

Login to view site
Hit & Run
Invite tree
Local Activity hidden except staff
List members completed torrents
Auto demote/promote
VIP only torrents
Secure Staff panels
class colur function
Say thanks for download
scrollers on index
recommened torrents
top 10
recent forum on index

Botanicar 01-05-19 13:04

It seems that you have the same problem as before, external torrent scraper does not work.

Has written message in forum (chatbox)

Regards and nice job M-jay

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