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Extremlym 27th January 2019 19:31

Any of you have an idea how to mod the script to AutoLOGOUT at a specific time ??? or disable this option

or where do i find theat command ..

Napon 27th January 2019 20:27

waitst of time mod this mate it will piss alot of users off if on the site and getting longout

MicroMonkey 28th January 2019 12:34

I also responded to you post at TT main site. I didnt know this is what you were asking for since you worded it differently here. That would irritate users. I know I dont want to have to log back in to every site I visit after a time has passed. Bad idea

Extremlym 30th January 2019 19:43

the problem is resolved it was from SSL CLOUDFLARE ....

llGooglell 13th April 2019 23:47


Originally Posted by Extremlym (Post 53192)
the problem is resolved it was from SSL CLOUDFLARE ....

Sir, Can you please guide me how your issue was fixed? because i was too facing that issue due to Cloudflare Please write the solution too as well what did you done with this issue at the end.????:wave:

LeeHowarth 11th August 2019 10:08

The issue is that when your using cloudflare, $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] will not be the clients ip address, instead it will be the ip of cloudflares server, so you need to update the code to pick the correct ip.

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