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Eltan 26th October 2011 20:15

Ratio & Slots
Hey :)

I have 2 others question about this nice script :D

I would know where set minimum ratio to have permission to download torrents, and after how long under this ratio a member will be ban please :) ?

And if it's possible, I would have somes details about rank like PowerUser (how it work and how to set) and about slots permission :)

Thank !

Bump: Hum if I understand, user will be ban if his ratio go under 0.5 ?

PHP Code:

     if ($TBDEV['max_slots']) {
        if (
$ratio 0.95) {
            switch (
true) {
                case (
$ratio 0.5):
$max $TBDEV['user_ratio1_slots'];
                case (
$ratio 0.65):
$max $TBDEV['user_ratio2_slots'];
                case (
$ratio 0.8):
$max $TBDEV['user_ratio3_slots'];
                case (
$ratio 0.95):
$max $TBDEV['user_ratio4_slots'];
$max $TBDEV['user_ratio1_slots']; 

designtracker 23rd November 2011 14:53

thanks :ok: :sun:

Bigjoos 18th December 2011 11:49

That wont ban anyone will it, its slot restriction so look at the variables and you see its based on ratio, low ratio means little slots avail, high ratio well goes without saying, its no hard to see that. Im no here to sit and run over stuff thats your problem, i know the code inside out i suggest you do the same so you understand what you have in front of you.

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