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aeon-design 3rd June 2020 08:20

WOW Theme Free - for TorrentTrader
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Free Theme for Torrent Trader
Enjoy this!

wilian32 8th June 2020 01:43

what version ?

aeon-design 8th June 2020 04:01


Originally Posted by wilian32 (Post 54873)
what version ?


Napon 8th June 2020 13:09

alot of unwanted js this not the way to so it let go in to this....
You will be stoping any in root if you have a js folder it will backdoor you with any js in this folder in say in the rootdir it will kill any from working sorry to say

sidenote with is the logo psd to change it

fireknight 8th June 2020 14:13

Let me see if I understand what you are saying - You mean there is to much conflicting JS ( javascripts ) in this theme.
And if you use it - one javascript will have a conflict with another already in use.

I don't think that aeon-design would release a theme, without testing it out fully first.

I don't know for a fact if he has tested it, I am just thinking that he would have first.

My question to you Napon

Before you made your comment and put the theme down.
You have tested it haven't you.
Because after all - you would never put anyone's code down, before you have tested it and made sure of your facts.
Because if you have not tested it and just posted your 2 cents worth, that would be pure stupidity wouldn't it !!

Napon 8th June 2020 19:42

So lets get this sorted chap for a start there is no js folder in the DirRoot..
so if any one wants to say add a folder to the DirRoot call it js or scripts As you know very well being a so called coder where the conflicting be chap is that anuff for you im not writing a fullblown testemant As you do :drink:
i do not us hes themes i make my own just looking at the theme not very good ok
A. he nevers checks anything
B. just like hes backdoor code
C. seen hes work on a few site with hes backdoor code and he thinks it look nice got something to tell its crap code backdoor
D.Napon Does not us torrent trader 208

Krypto 8th June 2020 22:27

I’ve not looked at the coding for the theme as I’ve no need for it.

You mention 3 times there are backdoors placed in this theme and other themes released by aeon-design, you need to post proof of these allegations and if you can’t or don’t want to them please don’t make such allegations.

aeon-design 8th June 2020 22:58


Originally Posted by Krypto (Post 54878)
Iíve not looked at the coding for the theme as Iíve no need for it.

You mention 3 times there are backdoors placed in this theme and other themes released by aeon-design, you need to post proof of these allegations and if you canít or donít want to them please donít make such allegations.

Hello. about my themes.
I don't know what NAPON still has with me that since I post free themes it has something negative to say. if you don't like the theme, don't take it.
you can test what themes you want from me to see that I don't leave any backdoor code or what nonsense napon says that.
I think he's frustrated or something.

those scripts are for the menu. take them out and you're done. very simple

fireknight 9th June 2020 08:04


You edited my post and removed the quote, of what napon posted.
Since I posted the quote.
Napon has edited his post and changed what he said.
So his original post, which is what I answered to - has been lost.


@ aeon_design

Any chance of posting the header without the Gorrosh been in it.
So people can put there own site name there.
If so, the font you used and the size would also be a welcome addition.
I know it's a big ask - but if you don't ask - you never know.

Many thanks either way - awesome looking theme.

Napon 9th June 2020 16:02

for a start there should have been a psd logo from the onstart:drink:

EagleLake 26th August 2020 17:47

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fix error

Yerson 29th August 2020 10:03

Alquien tiene una base de idioma de torrenttrader en espaŮol

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