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HardDance 10th January 2010 11:18

WTB TB Source
Hello. I am buying TBDEV based source. Looking for a script like this.

Waiting response.

Mail: HardDance@Null.Net or PM

Include price & Demo link

joeroberts 10th January 2010 11:19

we do not allow selling of sources here!!!!!!!!!!!
it is the best way to get Banned.

Moh.ElBaz 10th January 2010 15:17

He wanna say he needs Torrent Tracker + Hosting and he assigned the based source.

PM me plz m8

Phogo 10th January 2010 16:27

Why don't you make one?

Moh.ElBaz 11th January 2010 00:49

do you ask me , Phogo ?

Phogo 11th January 2010 00:53

No, HardDance. Sorry for the confusion.

HardDance 11th January 2010 18:25


Originally Posted by phogo (Post 19338)
No, HardDance. Sorry for the confusion.

Because don't know professional installation.

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