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Bush 28-05-17 19:20


Anyone want to help me covert FreeTSP to mysqli ?

I am also contemplating doing it with TorrentTrader :D

Chez 28-05-17 23:46

You can look here:
Also if you're migrating you may use PDO.

fireknight 29-05-17 12:59

We are in the process of finalizing the V2.
Which is going to be mysqli.

You could wait for that, and use it, or use it as a guide to convert the version you are using.

Or you could have a go at converting your version over to mysqli.

The choices are up to you.

Krypto 31-05-17 01:57

I've one, looking forward to trying it out :ok:

Bush 31-05-17 10:01

1. Thanks @Chez for supplying an extremely useful link.

2. @FireKnight At the moment I am not using any source, as I am looking for the perfect one that I can use forever and simply keep updating the code as well as adding features etc. I have tested @Firefly 's version and that is awesome. ill wait for you to complete V2 and use it as a guide or I might even use V2.

3. @Krypto lol we all are XD

l3on 31-05-17 14:49

Bush i replied to you over at tt-mods i happy to help you install our software if needed :)

Bush 01-06-17 11:31


Originally Posted by l3on (Post 50262)
Bush i replied to you over at tt-mods i happy to help you install our software if needed :)

@l3on your TT Alpha looks awesome as fvck, although I got everything installed working with the .htaccess changed up apache to work with the .htaccess. The only problem I have is the amount of SQL errors that I keep finding and errors in your code. Have you debugged that yet as you messed up a good couple of parameters in torrentdetails.php as well as when the torrent is uploaded the seed and leech ratio is at 0 a does not change. I will surely try TTCE out once its out of beta mode and is a stable release.

I have not yet tested but I think I might just be able to do a SQL injection on your code. Will install it later again.

Im going to install New TorrentTrader 17 from Bvlist, see if thats a better fit. Although I have found FreeTSP quite interesting and I have found a full mysqli for it XD XD.....

On another note, would you mind me porting your theme to FreeTSP V1 ?
if I can figure out you theme folder as you simply named a file called "CODE" ?

l3on 01-06-17 12:52

@Bush i will irons the bugs out for you and release 0.0.3 on site today :)

Napon 11-03-19 19:15

old code

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