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Napon 7th October 2016 12:11

[Legend browse][v3]
[Legend browse][v3]


Bigjoos 10th October 2016 23:34

The code you've attempted to write is useless, the logic in the code is proper fucked and will never work, there's vital parts completely missed which are based on flawed logic to begin with.

Bitwise is not some copy paste affair I'm afraid, and it dam well shows here. All this to control some freakin html on browse.php, seriously dude ?

This can be filed under pish, this just wastes everyone's time.

A simple global define true or false would suffice, but you would know that already if you were a coder.


$INSTALLER09['browse_legend']  = true;

".($INSTALLER09['browse_legend'] ? "
Browse legend html shit here
" : "")."

Don't bother wasting your time posting mods for U-232, we don't need the hassle.

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