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Napon 23rd July 2016 19:11

TS SE 5.6
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i was working on my TS SE 5.6 a few yaers ago never got to finished it of coding it so here is what ive done given it new themes and dropdownmeuns with full lag to them too as a new shoutbox too just a look what ive done now done, And set all

Phogo 11th August 2016 16:43

Ok, are you going to share these at all?

thartley55 12th August 2016 01:07

Good luck with that...he don't want to share much of anything...and most times, after he has shared something, he will un-share it.

Napon 12th August 2016 09:38

did i say i was going to share it no mate its just chit chat thats all if you want a tsse download it from here and do what ive done to it this took over 2 years to do on and off ... so download tsse 5.6 and do what ive done to it like i say its chit chat of what ive done it it and coder up :drink: And those who do have it from me love it better then the one on here for download with every bug done and more code put on it only my mates have this ... not for them who slag me off about every thing on here...who my mates have a good laf at same as me

z3ro 13th August 2016 22:23

what is? not understand dude:cool:

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