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Fynnon 15th November 2007 21:36

TorrentStrike v0.4
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An older version of Torrent Strike

Kukaracha 29th April 2008 12:52

Re: TorrentStrike v0.4

tracker seeding invalid dates:
what is wrong? :blink: :sos:

snakebite 29th April 2008 16:16

Re: TorrentStrike v0.4
can smebody tell me how to add the themes so i could use them in the tracker??

Neptune 29th April 2008 19:07

Re: TorrentStrike v0.4
Upload the files to themes/

via phpmyadmin


INSERT INTO stylesheets VALUES (4,'Theme Name','Theme Name');

Mahmoud 25th March 2010 10:51

hi therehow to start installation ?

i open the and nothing happened

so can any one help ?:sos:

Timisoreanul 25th March 2010 11:18


Folder to create:

 - a bitbucket folder
 - a torrents folder
Files to create:

 - include/config.php
 - phpBB2/config.php
Files or folder to chmod:

  - chmod 777 your bitbucket folder
  - chmod 777 your torrents folder
  - chmod 666 phpBB2/config.php
  - chmod 666 include/config.php
  - chmod 777 phpBB2/images/avatars (only neeeded if you want your users to send their own avatars)
  - chmod 666 info/stats.txt
  - chmod 666 your cache/staff.txt

-3- Setting up TBDev :

open your web browser to
Enter all the needed info there and submit.

Afther you click submit , must show you install now then click it ,end the sql file will be install (make sure you have a folder name sql end inside you have database,categories,countries,hacks, stylesheets.sql) then will show you success. end registred a account you will be sysop. good luck.

Mahmoud 25th March 2010 11:39

i did all of that
nothing happen when i open the install url:sos:

seb35 25th March 2010 12:17

That you post here all right but there is a forum torrentstrike for the support!!

kohler1000 22nd March 2016 09:54

i keep getting a syntax error, when i try to import the database

Timisoreanul 22nd March 2016 10:19

Hi, kohler1000 what error ?
Post a screenshot.

kohler1000 22nd March 2016 18:41


Originally Posted by Timisoreanul (Post 48619)
Hi, kohler1000 what error ?
Post a screenshot.

UFFENO1 22nd March 2016 21:34

Try change "TYPE=MyISAM" to "ENGINE=MyISAM"

Napon 23rd March 2016 00:05

Drop avps first then Add below


  `arg` varchar(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  `value_s` text NOT NULL,
  `value_i` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  `value_u` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  PRIMARY KEY (`arg`)

kohler1000 23rd March 2016 09:37

worked perfect thank you

Napon 23rd March 2016 10:30

your welcome:drink:

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