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puppy 18th October 2016 16:32

U-232 v1 Non Memcache Issue
Hey Guys,

I am currently running a new community and we have ran into a small issue. When you upload then download you can seed but when members try to download, it try to find peers not sure why it is doing that as a few days ago it worked fine. I am just wondering if someone could give me advice thanks. :friend:

utorrent client -

I did add Cloudflare but now have taken it away as I thought it could be a reason.

Bigjoos 18th October 2016 20:36

Is this a new setup, or been running a while ? What is your setup ? Are you seeing any errors in the apache error log or logs dir in root for sql errors ? V1 is very old now so Im not able to test anything, I'm running v5 now.

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