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kira 20th September 2016 16:57

viewing description
Torrent presentation display problem, why scroll :sos: (for u-232-v3)

TLO 21st September 2016 09:20


Originally Posted by kira (Post 49390)
Torrent presentation display problem, why scroll :sos: (for u-232-v3)

Hello its not a problem, its the css. If you want to stop the scroll check the class and look at the overflow.(I don't use v3 so cant pinpoint it, but its a quick fix)

kira 22nd September 2016 13:48

Problem fixed

in file details.php
PHP Code:

if (!empty($torrents_txt["descr"])) $HTMLOUT.= "<tr><td style='vertical-align:top'><b>{$lang['details_description']}</b></td><td><div style='background-color:transparent;width:100%;height:150px;overflow: auto'>".str_replace(array(
"  "
) , array(
"&nbsp; "
) , format_comment($torrents_txt["descr"]))."</div></td></tr>"

replace to
PHP Code:

if (!empty($torrents_txt["descr"])) $HTMLOUT.=  "<tr><td  style='vertical-align:top'><b>{$lang['details_description']}</b></td><td><div  style='background-color:transparent;width:100%;'>".format_comment($torrents_txt["descr"])."</div></td></tr>"

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