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20-04-18 19:57 DND
free time from a hobby? lol.. (code is on a server somewhere..didnt had any time for it)
20-04-18 16:01 joeroberts
Lmfao @papad
20-04-18 14:45 papad
Hey DND which is your code ?? you must be the most relaxed coder i know, so much free time it seems...
20-04-18 07:23 DND
like i said. my opinion. everyone can do whatever they want :-)
20-04-18 07:22 DND
no it doesnt. it has to do with "free products" this is the main subject. nevermind :-j
20-04-18 07:21 nilim
yes they are good. If you use properly it's good. and facebook exposed is totally different thing and has nothing to do with ssl
20-04-18 07:19 DND
until they are exposed like facebook or linkedin were? leaking data to other companies.. please.. continue to believe they are good.. mneeh.. its just my opinion
20-04-18 07:12 nilim
millions of people using let's encrypt and they are good.
20-04-18 07:01 DND
lol. if you want your data stolen then go ahead and use free products. simple as that
20-04-18 06:45 nilim
DND smells money on everything
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